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  1. Hi Eb, I love this post, I’ve gotten so many helpful ideas from this one post that I can’t wait to start putting them all into practice. I wasn’t aware that affiliate links need to be setup as no-follow so that’s one of the first things I need to get on top of. Thanks for bringing that important note to my attention.

  2. So do links work better than banners for affiliate marketing? I used to do more banners and lately been doing more of the links. Thanks for this very informative piece. I found you over on Instagram 🙂

    1. In my experience yes. A blog post which helps your audience and leads naturally on to getting the affiliate product as the ‘next step’ is much more likely to be effective than a banner. It’s worth thinking about your own behaviour too – how often do you click on banners, compared to links? Personally I rarely click on any kind of banner, but I click on links all the time – especially if someone has given me a really compelling reason to do so in the rest of the blog post! Lovely to connect with you here too 😀

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