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  1. Great read Eb!!
    I have 3 optins on my blog.
    1. On the home page
    2. In my homeschooling category
    3. In my homesteading category

    I am not sure if I send three different ones or send one that talks about homeschooling and homesteading?

    1. Hi Kimberly, Given you have 3 clear categories on your site: homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling, I recommend you eventually have one opt-in freebie for each category. The more opt-in freebies you have the more subscribers you will get. But to start with, just pick one and make that one. I recommend you make your first opt-in freebie something that will appeal to as many of your readers as possible. And once you’ve created it, make sure you advertise it on your site as a freebie. (Don’t just send it to people who sign up to your newsletter.) The whole point of an opt-in offer is it is far more enticing that ‘Sign up for my newsletter!’ and so you will get far more subscribers. Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

  2. As a graphic designer by education, I’ve always found it challenging to navigate the fine line between promoting my work and being too salesy. Personally, I even tune out all commercials across the internet and especially on the tube. It’s annoying, and I believe many others feel the same way. It seems like people are growing tired of these requirements just to access what’s labeled as ‘free’ advice. No one wants to sift through hundreds of emails daily. Whatever happened to genuine transparency and the belief that if people like what you offer, they’ll buy it? Unfortunately, society doesn’t always operate that way. So now, I’m left wondering if there’s a balanced method that respects both the audience’s attention and the need to promote my work effectively. Additionally, I do have a subscribe option on my homepage with a free black and white downloadable artwork and 10% off their first purchase. However, it’s worth noting that my shop is currently on vacation. Despite having my website for a year, only one person has subscribed. Any insights on striking that balance?

    1. Sadly humans don’t behave like that! In fact, there’s a whole ‘science’ of ‘sales psychology’. I’ve read a few books on it and it turns out we humans make decisions in very bizarre and illogical ways! We also find it really hard to make decisions and will naturally sit on the fence / procrastinate, rather than make the decision to buy, which is why things like timers, scarcity and urgency are so important. If no one is signing up for your email list then the most likely reason is your opt-in offer is not exciting enough and/or you are not making the opt-in box clear enough. Follow all the tips in this blog post and you should start to see a significant increase in your email signups. As for not being too ‘salesy’, I find a simple ‘reframing’ trick helps. Think of it like this – you are in the business of helping people, and by employing a few sales ‘techniques’, you are helping people to stop procrastinating and actually access that help… which will lead to them finally achieving something they really wanted to achieve – and so you by using those sales ‘techniques’ you are helping lots of people achieve a better, happier life. Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

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