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  1. I just started blogging about 2 months ago and I’ve never been happier. At this stage of growth, I just want to have more readers. How long did it take you to grow to 100 visitors per day?

    Thank you!

    1. Oh I am so happy to hear you are enjoying blogging so much! Well, with my first blog (easypeasyfoodie.com), I didn’t really know what I was doing, so it took me about 6 months. With my second blog (this one), I know a lot more about search engine optimisation (SEO) and promotion, so I actually got 400+ visits on my first day! If getting more readers is what you are most concerned with, I recommend focusing your efforts on SEO, as well as promoting your blog as widely as you can. If you are new to SEO I recommend reading this post >>> https://www.productiveblogging.com/beginners-guide-seo/ and then doing my SEO audit >>> https://www.productiveblogging.com/diy-seo-audit/ Eb 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed reading your post. I just started my blog a few weeks ago so this made me feel good about my decision to get it going!

  3. I started blogging in 2019 and it wasn’t that good and I gave up. But in March of 2020 I started a fresh new blog and started over again and came in with a new mindset and wow my blog has taken off. I love bringing value to the world with my expertise in the world of Special Education and helping people with disabilities. These are some great tips and thank you.

  4. Thank you for writing this. just a couple of months into blogging and I would safely say that the personal growth this has to offer is my favorite reason to start a blog. I can see a lot of positive changes in myself that i did not see coming. And let’s not forget that it’s a skill that will always come in handy if you ever need to make some extra money!

  5. Thank you for the insights. I started a blog six months back, its not a easy journey, i wish know something i have learned in this post but its never to late. i will make the adjustments and keep pushing.

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Hello, I’m contemplating starting a blog and your post popped up on Google when I was doing a relatable search. Very valuable advice. How would you promote a blog that you started just now? Instagram? Facebook? YouTube? All of them? I’d love to hear your opinion on that!

    1. In all honesty, how you promote your blog will depend on your end goals. But my recommendation would be to spend the majority of your time on SEO and email marketing. In my experience those are the two ways that will yield the best, most reliable and most long lasting results. As a blogger your goals are completely at odds with what the social media platforms (Instagram / Facebook / TikTok / YouTube etc.) are trying to do… you want people to leave social media and come to your blog… but that’s the exact opposite of what the social media platforms want their users to do… they want to keep their users on their platform so that they can make more money advertising to them. And that’s what their algorithms are designed to do… so you are always fighting an uphill battle if you try to get traffic from social media… Added to that, it spreads you too thin and you end up doing lots of things badly… It’s always best to do a few things well! Hope that helps. Eb 🙂

  7. hello I’ve been thinking of starting a blog and I don’t know where to start I’m requesting for some assistance otherwise this article is a boost to my mindset I’m eager to have fun in blogging

  8. Hi! So about 10 years ago I started my own blog for about 5 years before I had a kid and the blog slowly died off… I would love to start again but wonder if it would succeed the second time around. I didn’t have a focus, which some say is the issue. I loved writing about a variety of things – teaching, food, travelling, and just all things that inspired me. Do you think before I launch it that I really do need to focus in on just one thing? Or is this more of a “lifestyle” blog? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lil! It’s definitely possible to succeed second time around. But these days niching down is so much more important than it was ‘back in the day’. It’s extremely hard to be successful these days with a general/lifestyle blog. (The ones that are have been very successful for a long time!) It’s much easier to succeed if you niche down and focus on being an expert on one thing, rather than knowing a bit about a lot of things. Hope that helps! And good luck with your relaunch 😀

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