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  1. Yay, fab post Eb. Congratulations on your new blog, it looks as though it’s going to be a great help. I do some of the things you’ve mentioned, but know I need to step up on some of the others. Star ratings is something I need to sort out. I use WP Recipe Maker, but have nowhere for anyone to add ratings. Any tips on how I get those to appear would be much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Choclette! Star ratings should come automatically with WPRM, so if you are not seeing them you should reach out to tech support at WPRM who should be able to help you fix it. Let me know how you get on!! Eb x

        1. Quite probably, yes. But I am sure they should be able to advise you how to make it work. Either a workaround or else an alternative comments system that is compatible. I just have the basic comments system that comes with WordPress and it works fine with that! The WPRM people are super helpful and very quick to respond, in my experience. Fingers crossed you can get it fixed. Eb x

  2. Brilliant Eb, this is so useful. I’ve started to use sub-headings in my posts where it’s appropriate but I’m not always sure I’m meant to use the H2 marker (header) for each of the headers. I’ve found that some of my posts may naturally lend themselves to 2 or 3 Headers but does ‘google’ / SEO get upset if I have one H2 followed by another H2 – does Google prefer a H2 header followed by a H3 subheader (if that makes sense).
    Angela x

    1. So pleased you found it useful, Angela! OK so my understanding is that you should have one H1 heading, which is the title of your post. Then use H2 headings to subdivide your post into sections. So for example in this post have used blue H2 headings for my numbered points (1. An engaging and keyword rich title etc.). You can then use H3 headings to further subdivide your sections if necessary. For example, look how I have done it in this post https://www.productiveblogging.com/how-to-choose-the-right-host-for-your-blog/ where I have my section headings in blue H2 tags and my subsections in gold (it’s actually H4, but that’s just ‘cos it looked better!!) The headings are only one small part of SEO, helping the search bots understand your text better and get a handle on what’s most important. But as always think first of your readers. What will help them navigate your text best. What’s best for readers is usually what’s best for SEO! Hope that helps!! Eb x

  3. Huge congrats on your new, brilliant and beautiful blog. So proud of you and seeing your grow and shine. These are brilliant tips. I always say let the content/ subject matter lead you, content is KING and is key then all else should follow. Yoast is such a gift of a widget. PR is vital too. You can write the greatest post in the world but without promotion, no one will see it! Well done lady xx

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