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  1. Hi this was a great article to show the true structure. I’ve been doing it all wrong…. my structure looked more like: (Title= H1 H2/ 1st P= H2, h3,h3 / 2nd P= H3, h4,h4/ 3rd P= H4, h5,h5) etc. For each point within post went down a level in hierarchy.

    My question is- if you use H2 for all the headings and H3 for subheadings- when would you use H4-H6? Also, would each section/new topic still start with H2 if there wasn’t supporting information within the section? (Ex: Title= H1 H2 /1st P= h2 /2nd P= h2/3rd P= h2.) or would it go )Title= H1 H2 / 1St P= h2/ 2nd P= h3 / 3rd P= h4)?

    Last question haha I promise- do you ever use an H tag for a statement you want to stand out? Or would you just bold it or make font larger?

    I hope my questions make sense- I’m not sure if I’m asking them correctly. But I really would love to get a better understanding on the structure and do it correctly moving forward. Thanks for all the information you put out there. It’s really helpful!!


    1. Thanks Sarah, so happy to hear my post helped. So to answer your first question… You don’t ever need to use H4 to H6 unless you need them – for example you would use H4 subheadings to divide a H3 section up further. H5 subheadings to divide a H4 section up further, and so on. I’m a little confused by your second question, but the basic rule is use H1 for your title, H2 for ALL subheadings, then if you need to break up any H2 sections further, use H3 for your sub-subheadings, H4 for your sub-sub-subheadings and so on. And use paragraph text for all the word under your heading. You should never be using H tags for normal text. And to your last question NO! Never use H tags for a statement you want to stand out. Use bold, italics, a colour or a coloured background instead. Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

  2. Hello Eb,

    Thank you for your post which is helpful.

    I have been reading some of your posts recently and changed few settings based on your advice. Hope it will be better soon.

    Most of your articles are wonderful and useful for bloggers. I really appreciate.

    Thank You

    1. Yay – I am so glad to hear this post has helped you! Don’t worry – it’s a very common mistake. Eb 🙂

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