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  1. I’ve definitely learnt a few things, especially about the alt text! I usually put the alt text and title as the same but now i’ll certainly be adding a lot more keywords/description! Great post Eb! Lots of things I wish I’d known when starting to blog. Absolutely loving the site! Can’t wait to have more of a poke around! xx

    1. Thank you, Jess – and congratulations on being my very first commenter on Productive Blogging – whoop whoop!! So pleased you learnt some useful stuff and thanks for your kind words about my site 🙂 Eb x

    1. Yay! So pleased you liked the article. A call to action at the end of each post is such a great way to keep people on your site or point them in the direction of your social media and/or newsletter! Eb x

    1. Thanks Shelbee! I really agree with you – it will repay you so well to have a good handle on SEO… it is the single thing that has made the biggest difference to my blogging figures. My page views are 10 times what they were this time last year and it’s all down to SEO! Eb 🙂

  2. This is a great post – it only over the last few months that I’ve finally gotten into the habit of doing ALL of these – I wish I’d had this list when I started out! However, I do think I need to work on my call to action – it’s usually just asking for a share but I know I could mix it up a bit more or be more specific.

    Anyway, someone really enjoyed this post so they added it to the BlogCrush linky this week for some extra exposure! Congratulations! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

  3. Most of these things I am already doing but there are some I need to start doing ASAP! I’ll make sure I include them going forward and then start the task of implementing them on all of my old posts. One day I’ll get there haha.

    1. Thanks Cat! Glad you found some helpful tips – and fingers crossed you get a good increase in traffic as a result! Eb x

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