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  1. I often get inspiration for blog posts from the television or social media #brillblogs@_karendennis

  2. Great tips Eb. I get my best ideas when I’m swimming (no idea why, probably the total lack of anything else to think about!). But I still often feel blank when I come back to the screen and try to put things down on pen and paper. I’ll be referring back to this post on those occasions. Also just remembered that when my youngest was a baby and napped in his buggy I often used to write posts in notes on my phone while sitting on a park bench! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Oooh that’s another good one! I don’t get to go swimming much these days. But it’s definitely a place where inspiration strikes!! I am convinced that the likelihood of having a good idea is directly proportional to the impossibility of writing it down. Swimming being a prime example. Driving is another one for me – same problem! Eb x

  3. Hello, Eb! This is an amazing post! I get my ideas in the middle of the night after waking up from a short sleep (not a nap). I was advised to keep a small notebook beside me and write down what I had in mind. I didn’t follow it and the next day, I can’t remember any single idea/word. I used to have a list of the things I’d love to blog or what topics I’d love to discuss, but since I got only one day off from work, I stopped it. I might try some of your tips, if not all. Thanks a lot, Eb! Keep up the good job! 😉 x

    1. So pleased you found this post helpful! I think having a small notebook beside you is a brilliant idea. I do that – and it’s a great way of capturing those sudden brilliant ideas without interrupting my workflow, then when I need great ideas (for blog posts / social media etc.) I have them all ready and waiting beside me. Hope my ideas work well for you – let me know how you get on! Eb x

  4. Thanks for the tips. I am not sure why, but creating content seems to be the most difficult aspect. I will do the keyword research and build the outline then sit staring at the page. I have never heard of POMODORO TECHNIQUE. I will have to look into it. BTW you have a beautiful design for your blog and I really like your monetization technique with the sidebar. A fine example of a blog built for business.

  5. Great advice – some I knew, and do, but others were different and never considered before. Liked the reach out to experts and getting the authority, good for Google.
    Actually, I learned other things totally unrelated to writer’s block: inspecting your links taught me the rel values for the links and understanding better how different values apply: E.g, link to the timer (a product) has different rel values than the link to the author’s article. And I’d just asked for help regarding those differences in a web development group prior to reading this. Thanks.
    Also noticed adding lots of images to break up the text.

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