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  1. A great insight into the various ways PRs think and work, thank you so much for putting this together Eb I totally agree with all the talk of honesty, transparency and communication. I will only work with brands that I can honestly recommend and it will show in the personal anecdotes that I am able to add, brands always love this. .
    I really need to get back to approaching PRs more. I’m off to search out this Tribe thing that I wasn’t aware of?

    1. A pleasure, Camilla – I am so glad you found this useful! Yes, I heartily agree that honesty, transparency and communication on both sides is vital. I think the more bloggers and PRs communicate honestly and work together, the more fruitful the relationship is on both sides. This article really excites me about the future of blogger / PR relationships. I think it’s only going to get better and better, for all concerned!!

  2. It’s so helpful to hear a PR’s take on the blogger/PR relationship, and having a range of opinions and suggestions is really interesting to read. I’ve always been shy about contacting PRs in case it seemed pushy, so it’s good to know that with the right tone and approach it’s often welcomed.
    Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma – I really enjoyed putting it together 🙂 And yes, I totally agree – it’s really encouraging to hear that PRs really do want to hear from bloggers and receive pitches. I think all too often we as bloggers sit waiting for that email to drop into our inboxes, when we should be out there doing our research, making contacts and pitching our ideas!

  3. As someone who is actively looking to start earning from blogging this post is a great resource and one I shall be returning too. Hearing directly how PRs think and view bloggers is so important. Personally, I will only promote brands that I honestly believe in and would/do use myself. That said, it’s great to try new brands and be at the forefront of their journey. Thanks Eb for such a well thought out blog post.

    1. Thanks Sammie, I am so pleased you found this helpful. I totally agree about only promoting brands that you truly believe in. So important for your blog and for gaining trust with your readers AND exactly what PRs are looking for too. An endorsement from a blogger who truly believes in the product and who has a strong community of engaged readers readers who trust his/her opinion is far more valuable than a feature on a blog who will review any old thing.

  4. Oh gosh, what an interesting piece Eb. So many more questions come out of it though. The PRs say they want us to engage with them, but don’t say how to do that. Where do you find contacts and e-mails? And what is Tribe? Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Thanks so much, Choclette! In terms of finding contacts, you could start with the PR contacts you already have and who are contacting you. Or you could do it the other way round. Think of brands you want to work with and find out who does their PR: look at their website and social profiles for clues or try emailing, tweeting, DMing or ringing them. Or failing that a google search!! Regarding engagement, replying to emails promptly (I am sure you already do this, but many bloggers don’t.), keeping them regularly updated when you are working with them and being proactive about contacting them would be a good start. Also, when a PR contacts you with something unsuitable, I would always recommend replying with a polite email explaining why their suggestions wouldn’t work on your blog and making alternative suggestions / explain what does work on your site plus attaching a media pack. That way they will have a much clearer picture of who you are and what works on your site and will think of you when those opportunities arise. Tribe is an app where PRs advertise social media promotions. They create a brief and invite influencers to submit a post and a price. If the brand approves it, the influencer publishes it direct to their socials and is paid immediately. Find out more here: http://www.tribegroup.co

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