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  1. Great guide Eb! Will help me a tonne. Though a problem I have with content planing is that I make a great one, then I don’t follow thorough on something and it all becomes messed up.
    So I abandon the plan and start anew.
    And I repeat that several times per year.

    I know it’s something I need to work on…

    1. Thanks Nikola! I think having flexibility in your plans is not necessarily a bad thing. I certainly deviate from my plans when I can see a strong reason for doing so. Whenever I get a good idea that’s not on my plan, I always ask myself, ‘Is this better than something on my current plan?’ and if so I switch it in, or rearrange things to make it fit. If not, then I don’t do it. Eb 🙂

  2. Great Blog!! I can definitely use this going forth. I guess my question is how do you decide how many blog posts you write for each event? For example, when you say you 6 recipe blog posts for Christmas, does the number matter? If I do 2 or 3 grill recipe blog posts for the 4th of July, would that be good? I hope I’m not reading too much into the numbers. I do tend to get stuck when it comes to ideas for great content. I always remind myself that I’m not writing for myself but for my audience. But again, this will be my “blogging bible” as this information is so helpful for me!! Thanks for this blog post.

    1. Yay – I’m glad you found this post helpful! To answer your question, you just have to use your common sense. There’s no perfect / one size fits all answer. It really depends on how important seasonal events are in your niche, and how long each season lasts. So, for example, in the food niche Christmas and Thanksgiving are HUGE and the season lasts a long time… people start googling Christmas recipes in September! So it’s well worth your while to write lots of holiday content (I write 6+ every year). But take another example, Valentine’s day… there is a spike in traffic on Valentine’s day specific recipes… but only for a day or two and then that traffic dies back and won’t return for a whole year… I would therefore not advise writing many Valentine’s day posts… maybe 1 a year if that! With something like grill recipes, you can afford to write more because although 4th July is quite a short spike… people grill all summer long. So, so long as you don’t make them too 4th July specific, it’s worth your while to write a few. For more on seasonal vs evergreen posts, I really recommend you read this post >> https://www.productiveblogging.com/evergreen-blog-content/

  3. Thank you Eb for a clear and concise process that can be used to develop content on any website. Many of our clients struggle with this process and I think your approach will really help.

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