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  1. My kids love getting their cameras out to take pictures of the photoshoots too. My daughter also likes to help arrange things too although her styling often leaves a little to be desired! I’m trying to get as much as I can done now so i can have a good break during the holidays.

    1. It’s so cute isn’t it! My daughter has also tried her hand at a bit of styling… a bit ‘unusual’ at the moment, but she’s naturally very artistic so I am hoping she can take over from me one day! Like you I am working a lot at the moment so I can get a good break in the summer holidays. Fingers crossed it works!! I particularly want to have a proper break when we go on holiday in August. Eb x

  2. Some great tips Eb! I’m actually really looking forward to school holidays especially that this is the last Summer with my youngest before he starts school in September! I have been writing few posts in advance already although I won’t have entire 6 weeks worth as I like to keep room open for some Summer spontaneity and recipes I make during the holidays. At the moment I’m pretty used to snatching little moments to work on the blog so that will most likely be the case during the holidays as well with the exception of 2 weeks when we are away, that will definitely be sacred family time. x

    1. Thanks Jo 🙂 Sounds like a you have great plan! Especially the sacred family time when you are away. I never feel like I can 100% ignore things when I am away, but I try to keep it to a minimum and do it when the kids have gone to bed! Eb x

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