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  1. Yep…. I’m with you! Live by the list….s! I have the long term list and the soon list…. I then have the today list and asterisks next to the 5 most critical tasks….. Admittedly not all of them are about blogging, but then I spend too much time spinning plates! Thank goodness for to do lists!

    1. Oh that sounds like a fab system, Kate! Much like mine, in fact! I also have non-blogging things on my list. It makes sense for me, as like you, I have so many other plates to spin too. Having them all on one list helps me focus on just what I need to do next rather than worrying about ‘all the things’. Eb x

  2. Some great tips for me here…ironically I actual use many of them for my work. I started to use Trello last year which works quite well as I’m usually dealing with 30/40 odd cases at a time which all have their own lists – Trello then let’s me order each of those lists however I like (in order of priority usually). I do also have a weekly you do list which is paper based and prioritised. Daily just doesn’t work with what I do. I did start to use Trello in my personal life too which hasn’t worked so well – I hate typing on my phone (this comment is a bit of a ballache tbh) and I just stopped using it! I can use my big screen and docked laptop at work. So I recently bought a gorgeous sectioned notebook from paperchase so I could use half for blog stuff and half for lifemin. I love it but it’s so heavy for me to carry around that I don’t. I’m forming plan C now! I think I know the answer but how do you feel about wrong something on the list that you’ve already done or very nearly finished just for that sense of achievement…

    1. Thanks Chloe! I have to say, having tried out many systems over the years I find basic pen and paper the best!! I find that the set up of so many systems takes longer than any actual time they save. That said, I can understand the logic if you have 30-40 separate projects you have to juggle. I have a very simple system involving very basic notebooks and a page per day diary that I use for my daily to do list. I can totally understand how a daily list wouldn’t work for everyone, though. I like it because it helps me focus. It’s numbered so I literally have to focus on #1 then #2 and so on. It stops me flitting / attempting to multitask and then achieving nothing. Also it’s in priority order so I know if I don’t get to the end of my list it’s fine because those things are not a priority. And writing on the list something I’ve already done? I do it all the time! The feeling of accomplishment is a great productivity booster!! Eb x

  3. Could you post examples of old lists that arent too personal? I learn better from a seeing a rote example.

  4. Hi Eb, I always read and go back to your blog whenever I need some productivity tips. And lately, I felt like having a burnout and getting overwhelm from blogging. But thanks to this great blog post, I got some inspirations to “eat the elephant” piece by piece with your “to-do list recommendations.” Hoping I could do more and have a balance life! 😀

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