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  1. Never mind getting fired up to create recipes. This has fired me up to create a content plan and get more organised – yay! Thanks Eb and keep these mega useful posts of yours coming.

    I have a question regarding best time to post for seasonal events such as Christmas or Easter. I don’t really like posting Christmas content before December, but I’m guessing you’d advise otherwise?

    1. Yay – that makes me so happy to hear, Choclette! I would definitely advise posting seasonal content ahead of time to make the most of the seasonal increase in Google and Pinterest activity. I actually start planning my Christmas content in August (to give myself plenty of time to take the photos in September and October) then I start getting it out onto my blog in November. I also make sure I start pinning all my Christmas content (old and new) in November. I then schedule social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in so typically every Christmas post gets shared once towards the end of November and twice in December. If it’s relevant to Thanksgiving or Christmas baking (which people get into earlier) I’ll start even earlier. This year I’ve also been updating my old Christmas content too. To get the best out of each season you definitely want to be thinking ahead of the game – it gives you a distinct competitive advantage as most bloggers won’t be! Hope that helps 😀 Eb x

  2. Thanks for sharing such great ideas. They would definitely be helpful to a novice too. I want to redesign my blog content plan and wish to conduct survey to elicit exciting ideas and topics from my readers. I am looking out for a survey tool that would help me design surveys and is cost-effective. I have come across sogosurvey, survey monkey and survey gizmo. As I have never used online survey tools, I’m confused as to which tool would be effective. Can you help me out with this? It would be grateful.

    1. The two survey tools I have seen work best for this kind of thing are Survey Monkey and Typeform. Both have free options. Typeform seems to be the favourite one among bloggers at the moment. Don’t forget you can also run polls on social media too! Eb 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to checking out your calendar. Thinking about your audience is a great way to come up with blog post ideas. I like to look at the types of questions people in my target audience ask. Some of the ways to do this are to look at the “People also ask” suggested search terms in Google or look at sites like Quora and Yahoo answers. Businesses may also want to blog about their FAQs.

    1. Thanks Shella – yes I totally agree, looking at questions your audience are actually asking as a great way to come up with relevant content. Not only is this great for your readers, but also for SEO – as these are the things people are actually searching for! Eb 🙂

  4. Thanks for these guidelines Eb! I desperately need them as I can’t seem to make a plan and stick to it. I mean, I make a schedule where I’d post 4 articles per month but then i miss on and get discouraged and give up.
    It’s becoming a real problem as it gets me down when I fail and it obviously influences how I perform in other areas of this blogging/SEO journey.
    Any advice?

    1. A pleasure, Nikola. I’m glad you found them helpful. OK, so there are two bits of advice I can give you to help you post more consistently. The first is to ask yourself whether 4 articles per month is a realistic target. If not, maybe look to do 2 or 3 a month instead if you would find that more achievable. If you decide that 4 articles per month IS achieveable and it’s just motivation / willpower that’s letting you down, then my second piece of advice would be to break down article creation into smaller tasks and create a posting schedule that works for you. So, for example, let’s say you plan on publishing a new blog post every Friday. Well then, your schedule could look like this: Monday – research and write a plan. Tuesday – speed write a rough first draft (don’t allow yourself to do any editing!). Wednesday – edit the post and upload it into WordPress. Thursday – format the post, including headings, images, bullet points, etc. Friday – publish the post and share it on social media and with your email subscribers. In this way the task for each day is relatively small and manageable and so you are much more likely to be motivated to do it. I hope this helps! Eb 🙂

  5. Incredibly helpful information to a newbie blogger like me! I’m 5 months in and have been working with a mentor/coach. My current goal is to learn SEO a bit and build a cornerstone post- your detailed suggestions on organizing content really helps! My niche is escaping the 9-5 and designing a lifestyle so the holiday stuff doesn’t always make sense; I’ve been trying to balance hitting “seasonal” content with speaking directly to my niche. I think having the cornerstone and implementing some of your ideas will help me be extremely successful!

    1. Aw, yay! I am so happy to hear that you have been finding my ideas so helpful. Good luck with your new blog! Eb 🙂

  6. This was good! I am just starting my blog and this really is what I need to get organized and to help me stay the course! Thanks for sharing this and for the free blog content planner!

  7. I’ve been binge-reading your blog and have found sooo many helpful posts. This one on creating a content plan gave me a few new ideas, and thank you for the free content calendar!

  8. Hey EB. You do indeed write very well and at a slightly higher level than most. No bragging about how much you make – good for you! I will absorb much more of your “content” – another online buzz word. I have been writing one of those “whatever I want to write about” (hobby) blogs since approx. 2012 (www.thebrewsterblock.com.) You hit all my buttons: Not much of a following – too many things (including poetry) to too few people; zero regard for SEO or niche; a lot of effort and zero income. I never tried to monetize. In my experience most of the popular blogs all write about “How to write a successful blog!” FYI I tried to reach you via Email links – there are many on your multitude of pages – and none of them seem to work. Your social links do work. So if you found that Email was too overwhelming and shut them down, they should be removed – very frustrating. Very glad you found your niche (2) and have had such success. I envy you. Nothing like doing what you love.
    I just created a 2nd but it is still a work in progress – aiming more at the “silly” entertainment market.

    1. Hi Bruce, Thank you for your kind words about my website 😀 I am pleased you’ve been finding my advice helpful. Interesting you should say ‘In my experience most of the popular blogs all write about “How to write a successful blog!”’ Actually, the ‘blogging about blogging’ niche is notoriously hard to break into: the market is small and the competition is sky high! In fact, I still earn more from my food blog than I do this one, even though I spend a lot more time on this blog! Regarding my email links, I am a little unsure what you mean… I’ve checked several and they all work – and they are all correctly formatted as mailto links (mailto:eb@productiveblogging.com). Can you advise me which ones you have tried that are not correctly formatted, so I can fix them? I can’t find a single one that isn’t working! Thanks, Eb 🙂

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