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  1. Hi Eb, thanks for the info, I would like to know how to actually generate those links, I will be grateful if you create some content on that.

    1. Hi Majoreen, I am sorry I am not sure what you mean? To create internal links you just highlight the text you want to link to, click on the link symbol and type in the URL you want to link to (or just type a keyword in and let WordPress search and suggest links). Is that what you needed to know? If not, please give me a little more detail on what you are unsure about and I will do my best to help! Eb 🙂

  2. Hi Eb, thanks so much for the infos. I am just wondering… If you are a business selling products, should your blog only do an internal linking strategy with other blog posts of the same topics or can we link as do follow some blog posts to our products. I am not sure if linking our products goes against Google guidelines

    1. Good to hear! And yes – you absolutely can and should link to your own products in your blog posts. Google does not have a problem with you dofollow linking to your own products. Eb 🙂

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