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  1. Thank you for this. I really appreciate the detail for each category. I’m now finally getting my SEO into shape after launching my podcast a couple months ago and know that my blog post tied to each podcast episode is critical. I WON’T be spending hard earned $ on Yoast Premium and that’s due to your detailed analysis. So, thank YOU! I liked the suggestion of perhaps spending $ on a premium theme cuz the whole wordpress interface makes me insane. It’s so wildly UN-user friendly. Downloaded your ebook and signed up. My website is http://www.wonderoutside.org and trying to build a coaching lane /monetization for it with thenaturecoach.org. Anyway, thanks again =)!

    1. Hi Ted, good to hear this post helped you! Yes, I would definitely recommend a premium theme – it makes a huge difference to your SEO and also to how professional your website looks. Good luck with your new venture 😀

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