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  1. Thank you for this. I really appreciate the detail for each category. I’m now finally getting my SEO into shape after launching my podcast a couple months ago and know that my blog post tied to each podcast episode is critical. I WON’T be spending hard earned $ on Yoast Premium and that’s due to your detailed analysis. So, thank YOU! I liked the suggestion of perhaps spending $ on a premium theme cuz the whole wordpress interface makes me insane. It’s so wildly UN-user friendly. Downloaded your ebook and signed up. My website is http://www.wonderoutside.org and trying to build a coaching lane /monetization for it with thenaturecoach.org. Anyway, thanks again =)!

    1. Hi Ted, good to hear this post helped you! Yes, I would definitely recommend a premium theme – it makes a huge difference to your SEO and also to how professional your website looks. Good luck with your new venture 😀

  2. I’m using the free version and was considering going premium. Having read your article I guess the value addition from purchasing the premium might not be significant.

    My personal take on the effectiveness of Yoast is that Google changes its algorithm some times multiple times a day and no one knows what’s on their mind. So unless Yoast developers have someone inside Google their judgement beyond basic common sense on-page optimization might not be 100% accurate.

    1. So the first thing to say is Yoast is super responsive and super on the pulse… they update their plugin once a fortnight and they are always at the cutting edge of SEO. While Google doesn’t tell us everything, they do tell us a lot and Yoast are very quick to respond when Google announces something new. The Yoast plugin does a lot of technical SEO on the backend which most people don’t know about (find out more here https://www.productiveblogging.com/what-does-yoast-do/) and that is always kept up to date. However Yoast doesn’t really ‘do’ on page SEO for you – it’s more that it gives you guidelines (in the Yoast meta box on the post editing screen – those famous green bullets!) and tools to help you optimize your own post. Of course, no SEO plugin will ever be perfect as – as you so rightly point out – no one outside of Google knows 100% what is in Google’s algorithm… but Yoast is as good as you’re going to get!

  3. I went for the premium version and it has much more than the demo version, at least the amount of work and tips the plugin provides. My only concern is that when you follow Yoast’s recommendation and have the readability score all green does Google algorithm acknowledge these recommendations?

    Fore instance, I recently heard as far as Google is concerned, it’s OK to have more than H1 on a single page.

    1. Google doesn’t pay any attention to Yoast or Yoast’s green scores. What Google pays attention to is your content. Yoast is a tool to that helps you optimize your content for Google. Yoast gives advice that is in line with SEO best practice and the traffic light system helps you identify areas of weakness in your content and gives you practical tips to improve it and make it more likely to perform better in Google search results. But that’s all. As for H1. I don’t recommend having more than H1 on a page, for the simple reason that H1 denotes a ‘page title’ and no article should have more than one title! Hope that helps 😀

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