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  1. I’ve been slowly working my way through my Posts with Yoast to improve my sites SEO. However, you’ve brought/explained several things that sound good and need to be checked out too! Thanks for a very useful Post 🙂

    1. Who’d think before this post there was so much more about Yoast- WOW, so informative and I am so grateful for Eb and Productive Blogging!

  2. I’ve been going through my Yoast settings and double checking them- and with every post I do I am taking more time to be sure of links, and keywords and more and trying to use Yoast as my guideline and getting those green lights (and a few orange lights to be honest) but WOW, Eb what a great post. It definitely is worth taking some time to really read and understand what Yoast really does- and re reading it to make sure I really get there gist of Yoast capabilities and how, what I can or need to do to get the most of Yoast!

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