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    1. Thanks Monika! I’m really pleased you found this post helpful. Sadly starting a blog from scratch means I’ve got to start from scratch with Google too – but at least I know what I’m doing this time so I should start to rank well much sooner this time! Eb x

  1. Excellent tips Eb, a few things here I could be doing better! I’d like to know with the WPRM paid for version, does it automatically update to cup measures etc or did you need to go back and do that manually?

    1. Thanks Mandy! No sadly it doesn’t do it automatically, you need to go back through every one and do it manually. It’s a pain but at least you know you’ve got it ‘right’. It’s the sort of thing I’m not sure I’d completely trust a machine doing. It needs a bit of human common sense too! The good news is going forwards it’s a two second job every time you add a new recipe. Eb x

  2. Aww, this is so helpful, Eb. I love that you have a perspective of a food blogger. I admire those of you who are still rocking your SEO against BBC, Food Network, or a blogger at the very top of the pyramid. The competition in food blogging is so fierce.

    I agree that SEO is more sustainable than social media. It seems like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram come up with new algorithm, new interfaces which don’t really help much, new layers of policies every 6 months. I feel like any blog post on social media strategies updated more than 6 months ago is no longer relevant, so it’s more on the plate for the blogger.

    Aside from SEOBooks, do you have other recommendations for keyword suggestion tool i.e. a tool that’s really good at giving you new angles of a keyword? For example, SEO is a vast topic, but sometimes I come across people who write about a new angle of SEO that I hadn’t thought about.

    Oh, and a friendly suggestion from this nerdy designer. Can you make the font in the comment section bigger? The headers are fine, but the font size inside the comment box is so small. And I think bumping up the font size in the sticky header “Stay up to date with all the latest” would help too.

    I enjoy your blog, not only for its good content, but also the way you weave in keywords without looking sounding robotic. Great skill!.

    1. Hi Trang – so pleased you found this helpful. Aside from SEO Book, I can recommend ubersuggest.com as an good tool for keyword suggestions as well as answerthepublic.com, Google Trends and Google itself (the questions at the top and the alternative suggestions at the bottom). I also have a tutorial which helps you use Google Trends and Google to nail down the keywords with the best chance of success. You can find that here >>> https://www.productiveblogging.com/keyword-research-step-by-step/. If you want to learn more about SEO, you might also be interested in my course, SEO JUmpstart >>> https://www.productiveblogging.com/seo-jumpstart/. Thanks for the kind advice about font size – I will certainly look into that. Eb 🙂

      1. Thank you, Eb. Oh, I’ve clicked on Ubersuggest, but it lead me to a quiz, so I thought it was a mistake. So it turns out that Ubersuggest is a keyword tool with a very nice interface, so thank you.
        And I was going to search for “back link” on your blog, but I’ve noticed that the search box is at footer. Generally, readers don’t scroll that far, so I recommend you put it at the top. Search box also takes many forms, but there’s a type that only includes a magnifying loop icon. When you click on that, a light box pop up appears, allowing you to enter the search term. Users can also hit Escape or the X button to exit that pop up, so it’s doesn’t take a lot of your web’s real estate ?.

        1. No problem! I actually have 3 search boxes – one right at the top, one in the side bar and one in the footer. I want to cover all bases!! Eb 🙂

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