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  1. Hey Eb!
    This was a fantastic post! I really appreciate your honest and informative way of explaining things!
    I will definately be looking into guest posting soon. Is there any problem with guest posting for a site that is smaller than yours? I have a friend I would like to guest post for to practice but her site is smaller than mine.

    1. Hi Jessalynn! So pleased you found this pot helpful 😀 No, there’s no problem with guest posting on a smaller site. It all helps with E-A-T and beginning small is a good way to start, just bear in mind that the more relevant (to your niche / topic) the site, the better. Obviously if you can write a post on a bigger / more authoritative / higher DA site (that’s still closely related to what you blog about) that will have a bigger impact, but starting small and working up to these bigger opportunities is a great way to go! Good luck with it and let me know how you get on 😀

  2. Hi Ed,
    I think many bloggers think they will have instant success by guest blogging but it does not work that way. It’s a long-term commitment and takes time to achieve success through steady guest posting. I think it’s important where you guest post to as well as you have mentioned.
    Thanks for the tips too!

    1. That’s a really great point, Lisa. Guest posting is very much a long-term strategy. Glad you found the tips helpful! Eb 🙂

    1. Thanks Caroline! I wouldn’t recommend that. Otherwise that’s duplicate content and you are competing against yourself in search results, and also most guest post hosts don’t accept that, anyway. Some bloggers include a short excerpt from the guest post on their site and then include a link to the host’s site for the full article… that’s one option… I would say this is a slightly old fashioned approach, and doesn’t really reflect how people tend to read blogs these days… (back in the day, when people would read every new blog post a blogger put out, this made sense… but now, when people are most likely to come from Google, it makes much less sense.) What I would do, though, is make sure you tell your email list and social media followers about your guest post. Another alternative is to use all the research you did for the guest post to write a similar, but not identical post on your site… perhaps one which goes into much more depth, or one which takes a slightly different angle. How that helps! Eb 🙂

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