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  1. Hello Eb,
    I was thinking of starting a blog of my own and came across your page and have since made up my mind to not to read any other how to guide or instructions as I love the way you have explained how to go about starting our own blog. I guess I’ve found my instructor.
    I’m an Architect from Sri Lanka and currently living in Malaysia and for obvious reasons I’m choosing the niche of Design in Architecture.

  2. I have been blogging for almost two years and I STRUGGLE with choosing a niche. I blog about how to homestead/live self-sufficiently. How-tos on a variety of topics: sewing, cooking, growing food, preserving food, building, financial independence, making own products, herbal remedies, living non-toxic/simply, etc.

    I could talk all day about pretty much any of those things. It’s my life and the journey I’ve been on for 10+ years. Right now my focus in my own life is to grow enough food to feed our family for a year. I also plan on starting a project this summer to learn how to go off-grid.

    Homesteading is my broad niche, but do I pick the narrower niche I’m currently focused on this summer which is the growing/putting up the food, or do I keep with the broad niche?

    I guess I struggle because I feel like if I choose the narrow niche, I *can’t* (is this just in my head?) talk about setting up solar or knitting slippers.

    Any advice?

    Thanks! I absolutely love your articles and have learned so much from you!

    1. Hi Steph, Thanks for your kind words about my blog! OK, I normally say that ‘lifestyle’ blogs aren’t the best way to go… as they are usually just a collection of random topics based on the individual bloggers favourite things. However, with something like ‘homesteading’ a lifestyle blog makes a lot more sense. In this instance, ‘homesteading’ really is the niche and actually having multiple topics makes a lot of sense, since homesteaders (and wannabe homesteaders) need to know about most of those topics. So I don’t necessarily think you need to niche down a whole lot more. What I would say is perhaps just narrow down your topics a little… so it’s not TOO broad, really focus on what your readers want/need to read about and make it clear what kind of homesteader you are (I don’t know a whole lot about homesteading, but I imagine there are different kinds… like for example with travel blogging you could be a luxury travel blogger / a vegan travel blogger / a budget travel blogger / a family travel blogger / an environmentally friendly travel blogger and so on… so what kind of homesteader are you? Make that the way you niche down, rather that narrowing down your topics a whole lot)

      Hope that helps!
      Eb 🙂

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