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  1. Loved it! Eb.

    I was always thinking about sponsored posts and ways to earn from it. By the way, do PRs contact via contact form? or via Social Media DMs… Please, let me know.

    PS – In your last para, you’ve used “do do”.. so edit that.


    1. Thanks Arpit – good to hear! In my experience PRs mainly contact via email (so make sure you have a good professional looking email address!), but they do also sometimes use my contact form or DM – especially DMs on Instagram… and thanks for the ‘typo’ spot. ‘do do’ is not actually incorrect in this context (or at least it isn’t in British English!) but I agree it sounds awkward, so I’ve added ‘get asked to’ in between the two dos to make it read better 😀

  2. Hi Eb! I wanted to ask if whether there is a calculator or a way to calculate a fair rate for a sponsored post? I have been approached by a big brand about creating a blog post and social media post and l am absolutely clueless about what to charge- they asked me what my fees are, so it’s a good sign that they are paying. My monthly traffic is usually around 360k views, and l’m active on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, although l don’t have a crazy amount of followers.
    Many thanks!

    1. When I did my first sponsored post I charged something like $100 and then every sponsored post I did from then on, I just charged a little bit more each time…

      Some people say they work out how many hours it will take and what their hourly rate is and work it out that way… but personally I approach it more the way a magazine would charge for an advertorial… to me it’s less about my time and more about the value I can offer to that brand.

      I’ve increased my prices a lot since those early days… but that’s because now I have a lot more to offer in terms of pageviews, my typical open rates and click rates on my emails, (and to a lesser extent my social media following) and the quality of my posts.

      If you want to see some actual stats, though, check out this post >> https://www.productiveblogging.com/how-much-do-bloggers-earn/ There’s a section which covers average sponsored post rates based on pageviews… it’s quite eye-opening!

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