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  1. Hi there. I love this idea but I have been hearing a LOT from others about how FB doesn’t like these schedulers and people are losing their FB accounts / getting put in jail. Can you address this, please? Should I not be worried about this w/ CoSchedule? I was thinking about hiring a VA back again b/c the scheduling is driving me nuts. In fact, I wonder if I should be on FB at all, though I do like the interaction. Thank you!

    1. Yeah – I have heard people say that too, but seen absolutely no evidence for this on my site. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have seen my engagement and followers go up considerably since using CoSchedule. I’ve certainly never been put in FB jail! What it has enabled me to do is significantly up my FB posting, and because of that, I am getting more and more visitors to my site from FB. FB is my third highest traffic driver after SEO and Pinterest and continues to grow. It has also freed up a lot more of my time to focus more on SEO and Pinterest and so, in turn, grow my site more that way too. And lastly, it has freed me from the pain and boredom of having to constantly be scheduling shares of my old posts, which used to drive me nuts. I do still do a little native FB posting. But like, once or twice a day – to ask a question or share someone else’s post that’s caught my eye. But I love the fact that if I’m super busy, I can just completely ignore social media for a few days and fresh content is still being posted on my behalf! Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

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